Jack Shu

Jack Shu is a long time member of Summit Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. One of the  Shu’s daughters interned with UULMCA before going on to becoming a UU Minister and the other daughter is a graduate of the first UULM SALT class.

Jack has 29 years of experience working for the California Department of Parks and Recreation, managing park lands and the department’s office of community involvement. He has received recognition from the California Senate Rules Committee for developing programs to serve youth and families, the “Urban Hero” award from People for Parks in Los Angeles, and the President’s Award from the California Police Activities League. Since his retirement from State services, he has been a consultant on diversity strategies and community involvement programs for natural resource organizations.

Jack has been the Board President of the Cleveland National Forest Foundation (CNFF) since its founding in 1994.  The Foundation serves as a land trust and advocates for wilderness conservation through better regional planning. Jack has also served for many years on the board of the Center for Social Advocacy, a local human rights organization, and on the state’s Environmental Education Advisory Committee. He received a degree in Wildlife Management from Humboldt State University, and lives east of San Diego, unless he is on a long hike or backpacking.

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