UUJM is in Your Community

We are a statewide justice ministry aimed at empowering the voices of those who share Unitarian Universalist values. Through our advocacy and empowerment work we bend the arc of the moral universe toward justice.

UUJM is also a grassroots organization dedicated to empowering justice leaders to make differences in their communities. We are growing leaders that are trained, effective, inspiring and connected. And this happens locally and statewide.

California is large — with nearly 80 congregations and around 13,000 Unitarian Universalists. UUJM uses a cluster model to help UUs and their congregations work with each other to support justice education, witness and advocacy engagement through collaboration.

Each clusters works to engage with local partners, support the congregations in their cluster, provide a justice community for individuals without a congregational home and provide leadership development and justice engagement through accountable partnerships with local organizations as well as our regional and statewide advocacy campaigns.

UUJMCA envisions congregations across California having strong justice ministries, working beyond congregational walls and joining with each other and community partners to create positive change in the world. We want every congregation in California to have opportunities to educate and act on issues locally,  statewide and nationally with a strong foundation in faith and community.

As a core component of our grassroots organizing, we work to identify a Congregational Ambassador in each congregation. This ensures congregations are kept up-to-date on the various issues and how UUs can get involved. It also facilitates growth and development of justice efforts by connecting congregations to a network of justice leaders in their vicinity.

UUJM is also deploying a network of Cluster Coordinators. By having a lay and clergy Cluster Coordinator for each of the geographic clusters in California, we can empower and enable congregations to work beyond their church walls to achieve justice on a local and regional level beyond what each individual congregation can do alone.

These volunteer leaders are critical in coordinating training and education events, plugging UUs into issue action teams and coordinating local efforts with identified community partners. They are at the forefront of effective, values-based justice work!

Interested in organizing for justice? Let us know:

For details and information on events and happenings across California, please visit our Around the State page.

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