Pledge in Support of Water Justice

Sonya at Le Conte CanyonUpdate: Thank you to all who pledged to support Rev. Sonya on her hike! Your pledges raised over $1,000!


I am hiking to support water justice in California. Did you know our water policies in California date back to the Gold Rush?! They are meant to give the “rights” to water to whomever claims them first. In the past 160 years very little has changed. That is until the passage of the Human Right to Water in California, something the UU Justice Ministry was very involved with.

5 Cascade ValleyI believe all Californian’s should have the right to water and I want to help Unitarian Universalists (UU) have community engagement tools as we try to fix the broken water system. Passage of the Human Right to Water was the first step. Ensuring congregations and communities around California are empowered to organize and speak out as it is implemented is the next step. In pledging your support below, you are helping to educate and empower UUs as part of a grassroots movement to bring water justice to California. Thank you for your support.




  1. Looking forward to your updates and using them to work with kids I know to learn about water justice. Let me know how much to write the check for – I am proud to be donating .05 cents per mile! Infinite Love & Gratitude for your journey!

  2. Sonya,
    I appreciate your dedication to the water justice enterprise. I admire your spirit, humor, gracious humanity, photography, journal and your love of nature and hiking. I have backpacked segments of the PCT in Washington and California. I have summited Mt. Whitney twice in the past 5 years and I am 73. I am honored to support your adventure with a $0.10 per mile donation. Floyd

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