Training & Education

Below is an overview of the training and educational programs UUJM operates. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding any of the items below.

Walking the Walk: 2017 Justice Leadership Summit

This summer event is the largest of its kind, drawing UUs from across California for a weekend of worship, music, issue education, skill development and community building. For you, your congregation and your community – come be re-energized, strengthened and empowered!

Regional Justice Trainings

Available in most areas of the state, UUJM brings the justice and skill-building trainings to you! These one-day justice trainings are held in the spring of each year and include community-building, issue updates as we enter the new legislative session, skill-building and taking-it-home components for your congregation and community.

Experiential Learning Programs

From Farmworker Reality Days to UU Borders trips, UUJM is a leader in providing experiential learning opportunities on important issues of the day. All of our programs are UU-grounded and aimed at connecting individuals to impacted communities in a way that helps us build long-lasting, meaningful connections. There is also a strong focus on next steps so that when you leave our program, you know how you can get engaged and take it to the next level.

Congregational Discernment & Education Program (CDEP)

Based on feedback from clergy and lay-leaders alike, this three-session program is one-of-a-kind and aimed at helping congregations identify their strengths and areas of growth, clearly define their congregations core grounding for justice work, develop a strong, well-grounded process for engaging in effective, congregationally-based justice ministry and establish ways to work toward Beloved Community through effective, values-based outreach that is accountable and in right-relationship.

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