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Congregational Discernment and Engagement Program

While each congregation’s needs differ, we have identified key components that are critical based on congregations with healthy and effective justice ministries. We believe these steps will help congregations identify healthy, accountable social justice ministries which can be integrated into congregational life as well as a preliminary plan to begin to build such ministries. The main components of the program are:

  • Discussion on how to help make your social justice program more spiritually grounded in Unitarian Universalist values.
  • Assessment of the current status of your congregation’s social justice program, including key strengths within your current justice efforts, celebration of your congregation’s social justice history, and opportunities to be a social justice ally in your community.
  • Examination of the various components of social justice work.
  • Planning towards integrating social justice into the larger life of your congregation including worship, religious education, and adult programming.
  • Identification of strategic opportunities based on the strengths of your congregation and opportunities within the communities you serve.
  • Strategies for increasing the number of people involved in the social justice program.

The UUs of San Mateo in CDEP Session 1.


This is a fee-for-service program, and is somewhat customizable. The cost is $1,500 inclusive of all sessions and related expenses. A $100 discount is available for covenanting congregations. Please fill out the form below if you would like more information on this program.

Click here to download the program overview sheet.

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