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Hugo Castro Has Been Found Alive!

Hugo Castro Has Been Found Alive!


UPDATE:  April 20, 2017–Following intense global public outcry and extensive efforts to track him down, US citizen and human rights activist Hugo Castro was found alive on Tuesday, April 19th! Yet, while thankfully he is not another statistic in a country where thousands disappear each year, he is far from safe. Hugo appears to have been the victim of a serious crime. He has sustained severe injuries and remains in critical condition.

Please consider contributing to Bring Hugo Castro Home.

[Earlier:  Beloved human rights activist, U.S. citizen, Hugo Chavez, was on humanitarian mission with Viacrucis/Caravana del Refugiado 2017.  He has not been heard from since Thursday, April 13. Hugo’s wife, Gaba Cortes will be heading to Mexico City to continue the search for her husband.]

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