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Recording Available:  AT THE BORDER…Immigration Justice Advocates

Recording Available: AT THE BORDER…Immigration Justice Advocates

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…to the conversation from our most recent UUJM Roundtablean online webinar, sponsored by the UUJM-CA Immigrant Justice Action Team

from July 9, 2018 Roundtable


Nicole Ramos, Attorney & Director of Border Rights, Al OTRO LADO

 “It’s very clear that President Trump and Attorney General Sessions do not understand this section of federal law, under Title 8, Section 1225 of the United States Code. This is not illegal migration. This is the legal process, which allows an asylum seeker to present themselves at a port of entry to an immigration officer, indicate that they have a fear of return, after which time they are to be granted an interview with an asylum officer.”

Nicole, a human rights lawyer working with asylum seekers and deported persons who are trauma survivors, works legal cases that are either low bono (meaning low fee) or pro bono (meaning free). Nicole also writes expert reports or serving as a mitigation consultant in federal criminal and immigration cases for other lawyers and firms.

In May 2018, Nicole worked on behalf of the caravan of 200 Central Americans who arrived at the border.  Many of the caravan were forced to camp on sidewalks while the administration delayed their entrance.

Nicole’s recent appearances include PBS NewsHour and Democracy Now!.

Mar Cardenas Loutzenhiser, member of First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Diego & co-owner of GaryMar Academy

“The call came from the founder of the Border Angels, Enrique Morones, an activist-maker who has been advocating for the humane and dignified treatment of all immigrants, documented or not, for several decades. He helped me find my voice so that I could put it to the service of others. I had to leave my shyness behind.

Today, Mar and her husband Gary are powerful voices for justice through their GaryMar Academy, a small community center they built in Tijuana.  Its mission “….to be a place of gathering, interacting with the fine people of Tijuana, learning together and reflecting on our shared experiences.”

Mar and her husband’s justice work includes support of Deported Vets, Deported Moms, The Casa del Migrante and Madre Assunta shelters, and the Ollin Calli labor Collective of Maquiladora Workers.

GaryMar Academy also hosts travelers on UUJM’s UUBorders Justice Journeys to Tijuana.

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