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Roundtable update:  UU Church of Davis

Roundtable update: UU Church of Davis

Thank you to Reverend Beth Banks and Kathy Robertson for participating in the February UUJM Roundtable!

Rev. Beth is minister and Kathy is a congregant at UU Church of Davis.  We wanted to learn more about the work that they and their church are doing related to supporting DACA students at UC Davis.

This was the third webinar on the topic of Immigrant Justice being carried out by fellow UUs in California.  This recording is not available, but we are providing links to important discussion points in the webinar.

Sanctuary is a way to be in solidarity with the undocumented community by creating safe spaces for the prophetic voices of immigrant leaders to be lifted up as we together confront unjust laws.

Through the Sanctuary Movement, faith communities can powerfully enact and embody their commitment to justice. A church that declares itself a Sanctuary congregation is one willing to engage on a spectrum of solidarity actions including welcoming undocumented people, advocating to help stop deportations, assisting with legal clinics, and physically sheltering an immigrant in danger of immediate deportation.

 –from UU College of Social Justice SANCTUARY TOOLKIT

UNDOCUALLY TRAINING—An online search reveals that Undocually Training is being held nationwide, on college campuses and in the community.  Two main components taught in such a training are: 1.  Laws & Policies; and 2.  Effective Ally Strategies.

ACT—Area Congregations Together—UU Church of Davis, to broaden and strengthen its sanctuary work, has worked in relationship with ACT, a member of PICO California.

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