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Register for a 2020 UUBorders Journey

Register for a 2020 UUBorders Journey

Curious about what happens on a UUBorders Journey? Here’s a reflection from Rose Harris, a member of the Summit UU Fellowship in Santee, CA.

My trip to the Tijuana border was both informative and inspiring. I had no idea what burden the people of Tijuana are bearing for those seeking asylum in the U.S. I was shown shelters that are housing hundreds of people from South America seeking a safe and better life. Meeting a family from El Salvador that was fleeing for their life and stuck waiting in TJ for a court date was especially soul rocking.

The trip to Friendship Park at the border wall was also moving. Seeing people talk to loved ones through a fence was heart-wrenching and inspired a desire in me to work toward a more just and caring immigration reform. I came back with a much better understanding of the asylum-seeking process and inspired to get more involved in immigration reform.

Learn more about our upcoming UUBorders Journeys (April 3-6, 2020 & November 20-23, 2020) and/or work with us to set up another trip time by going to uuborders.org.

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