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Active Shooter Incident in Uvalde, Texas:                   THE DAY AFTER (May 25, 2022)

Active Shooter Incident in Uvalde, Texas: THE DAY AFTER (May 25, 2022)

A mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas yesterday left over 20 people dead, mostly elementary school children 10-years old and younger. UUJMCA condemns this violence and supports all efforts to end these vile attacks.

We saw the 2nd worst school shooting in history yesterday. Reactions from all over the country vary. Gun safety legislation is in discussion at several levels of government today. “Thoughts and Prayers” is in heavy debate today. The NRA is hosting their Annual Meetings & Exhibits from May 27-29 in Houston, Texas. Rallies and grassroot groups are mobilizing all over the country. 2022 has seen 27 fatal school in the first five months of the year. There have been 119 fatal school shootings since 2018. Where are we going and what can we do?

The first four months of U.S. gun violence in 2022, as of May 2nd:
• 6,296 gun deaths
• 11,653 gun injuries
• 173 mass shootings
• 325 children shot
• 1,480 teenagers shot
• 360 incidents of defensive gun use
• 467 unintentional shootings~8,052 suicides [CDC estimate]
Please note that the numbers may change due to logging/updating past incidents from April, these are real-time numbers as of the time posted today. source: Gun Violence Archive published to Facebook.

UUA’s Action Plan to Prevent Gun Violence:
Take Action to Prevent Gun Violence

The UUA and UUJMCA stand in solidarity with leaders in our community who condemn violent crime against others, hate crime, hate speech, racism, and gun violence.

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