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Geneva Presbyterian Church, Laguna Woods, CA

Authorities: Hate against Taiwanese led to church attack

The UUA and UUJMCA stands in solidarity with the Asian American and Pacific Islander community in condemning hate crime and gun violence. Our communities stand united against racism against Asian American Pacific Islander communities. Together, we can stop it. JOIN STOP APPI HATE!

The first four months of U.S. gun violence in 2022, as of May 2nd:
• 6,296 gun deaths
• 11,653 gun injuries
• 173 mass shootings
• 325 children shot
• 1,480 teenagers shot
• 360 incidents of defensive gun use
• 467 unintentional shootings~8,052 suicides [CDC estimate]
Please note that the numbers may change due to logging/updating past incidents from April, these are real-time numbers as of the time posted today. source: Gun Violence Archive.

UUA’s Action Plan to Prevent Gun Violence:
Take Action to Prevent Gun Violence

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