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Today, thousands of people will come together to make long change by giving to their favorite charities, justice organizations, and community services programs. At UUJMCA, we are committed to lasting, systematic change in California and beyond our borders. We are asking that you give today to UUJMCA to support our work in actualizing a more just California. We would like you to consider giving in at least one of these three ways. 

Time – Sign-up, Learn More, and Volunteer with Us 
Talent – Join one of our Leadership or Justice Action Teams
Treasure – Pledge to Become a 2023 Justice Partner by making a Financial Contribution

Your partnerships and support will assist us in bringing justice to California by supporting high school aged youth through ourArc Benders Youth Justice Ministry, building a cottage home in Tijuana through our “Building Homes, Creating Community”Pilgrimage to the Border in April, developing support systems for our local UU communities and congregations through our Covenanting Community program and overall promoting and educating our fellow Californians about justice rooted in UU values and principles.

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