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Invitation to join UUJMCA Leadership

November 2022

Dear UUJMCA Justice Partners

During the last year, the board of the UU Justice Ministry of California has been very busy with our new Executive Director re-envisioning UUJMCA’s ministry in new ways . We are now ready to move ahead into a forward-looking mode with the ideas we have imagined for our future as the state action network of California. With a 20-year history of positive accomplishments in the justice areas of Marriage Equality, Reproductive Justice, Immigrant Rights, Voting Rights  and much more, as well as  justice education and coalition building, we look forward to working with our UU communities and many statewide and local partners.

As we look forward to 2023, we recognize a need to engage a larger number of dedicated Unitarian Universalist leadership who are committed to the mission and vision of UUJMCA.  As we grow our board and develop two new teams: Vision and Values and Team Arc Benders (13-18yo), we hope you will want to join us.

Vision and Values Team: To  set a rolling 5 year plan for UUJMCA to meet the organizational Mission and Vision by assessing needs of covenantal partners and justice issues facing California.  

Team Arc Benders (13-18yo):  To make recommendations to the Vision and Values Team, Board of Trustees, and staff in regards to youth needs and desires for justice programming and to assist with the development and implementation of UUJMCA’s Arc Benders Youth Justice Program. 

Board of Trustees: To manage and control the property, affairs, and business of the Ministry, as well as, delegate to officers, staff and committees of the Ministry such powers as necessary to provide for the success of the Ministry.

Justice Action Teams: To coordinate volunteers and local justice advocates in gathering information about local and statewide UU justice work and justice partners, maintain a database of legislation and legislative progress, and assist with UUJMCA justice programing.

Our Vision and Mission are to advance justice in our state by cultivating and connecting leaders and communities and by empowering the public voice of those who share our UU values and principles. By developing the skills of civic engagement and faith-rooted organizing so that UUs across California, we  can educate, organize, and advocate for public policies in the areas of Environmental, Immigrant, Racial, Queer, Economic Justice, Disability, and Voting Rights and Justice.

If you want to join us in this important work as a member of one of our UUJMCA leadership teams, contact me or our Executive Director, Pastor AJ Blackwood, for a conversation about your interest. We hope you will accept this invitation, knowing that it could just change your life and our world in a positive way.

Blessings and Thanks,

The Rev Dr Betty Stapleford

About the UUJMCA
UUJMCA works to develop the skills of civic engagement and faith-rooted organizing in our Unitarian Universalist congregations so that Unitarian Universalists across California can educate, organize, and advocate for public policies that uphold the worth and dignity of every person, further justice, equity, and compassion in human relations, ensure use of the democratic process, protect religious freedom, and promote respect for the interdependent web of all existence.

How to Join the Team
People with disabilities, people of color, indigenous people, Hispanic/Latinx, and LGBTQ persons are encouraged to apply. UUJMCA is committed to developing a diverse and talented team. If you are excited about this opportunity to serve California UUs but are unsure whether you meet 100% of the requirements, we encourage you to inquire and contact Pastor AJ Blackwood at leadership@uujmca.org.