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30 Days of How to get Involved in Immigrant Justice (Continued)

30 Days of How to get Involved in Immigrant Justice (Continued)

(Continued from https://uujmca.org/2024/uujmca/30-days-of-how-to-get-in-involved-in-immigrant-justice).

Day 26. Join the May Day March for Immigrant & Workers Rights.

Join the UNITE HERE Local 11 Contingent of the May Day 2024 march for immigrant and workers rights! Our union will meet up on the picket line at the W Hotel where workers have been on strike and fighting for a contract since July 2023. We will then merge into the march as it passes by! The march will continue down Hollywood Blvd and conclude one block east of Hollywood and Highland.

Wear your red shirts!
2:00 pm: Picket at W Hotel, Argyle and Hollywood Blvd.
3:00 pm: Join the May Day March on Hollywood Blvd.
If you have questions or would like details about meeting up, contact Sidney Galicia, community organizing intern, at galicia@unitehere11.org.

Learn More about Join the May Day March for Immigrant & Workers Rights at (https://www.unitehere11.org/7-new-hotels-including-hotel-maya-long-beach-sign-with-unite-here-local-11-raising-the-total-to-41-agreements).

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Day 27. Sign On to Support #Health4All.

When we ensure comprehensive health care coverage for everyone, it benefits our families, our communities, and our health system as a whole. But over half a million Californians remain unjustly excluded from access to affordable health coverage in Covered California simply due to their immigration status.

Sign on now to show your support for enabling all Californians to access coverage, regardless of immigration status.

Learn More about Sign on to Support #Health4All at (https://secure.everyaction.com/EWFaiaPSeUm-n4h6FluVlQ2?emci=6e4f17a6-5ef7-ee11-aaf0-7c1e52017038&emdi=e8650f52-7df7-ee11-aaf0-7c1e52017038&ceid=10635592).

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Day 28. Join a Rapid Response Team Today!

Rapid response teams assist in creating safe and welcoming spaces for our immigrant neighbors.

By joining a team, you will accompany our immigrant siblings and neighbors, and also share their pain of being targeted and harassed by police, neighbors throwing insults and worse at them from moving cars, living in fear of ICE raids, and being too afraid to send their children to school or go to the grocery store.

Learn More about Join a Rapid Response Team at (https://www.ccijustice.org/find-your-local-rr-hotline).

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Day 29. Become an Accredited Representative.

If you are not an attorney and wish to provide the public with immigration services, you must be authorized by the Department of Justice (DOJ)’s Office of Legal Access Programs. When you submit your application package to the DOJ, you must also submit a copy of the package to your local USCIS district office.

Why Become Authorized? DOJ-recognized organizations and accredited representatives provide essential support to USCIS and the public. They provide:

  • Educational materials
  • Legal services to help immigrants navigate the immigration system.

    Accredited representatives can assist clients in preparing forms and are also allowed to attend USCIS interviews with their clients.

Find your local US Immigration Field Office at (https://www.uscis.gov/about-us/find-a-uscis-office/field-offices).

Learn More about Become an Accredited Representative at (https://www.justice.gov/eoir/recognition-and-accreditation-program).

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Day 30. Join the UUJMCA Immigrant Justice Action Team.

Our Immigrant Justice Action Team coordinates and leads our Pilgrimages to the Border twice a year and creates partnerships with UU and other community organizations to affect change to immigration systems, protesting deportation and detention, providing support to our immigrant siblings, and providing educational opportunities for our UU communities.

Riddled with oppression, our US immigration system is broken and designed to rip apart immigrant families and deny individuals their basic human rights, including but not limited to health care, employment, food, and housing.

To this end, we struggle alongside our immigrant neighbors in efforts to change US immigration policies, increasing asylum access, support migrants at our southern border, remove barriers to citizenship, and increase access to services to our undocumented siblings.

Learn More about the UUJMCA Immigrant Justice Action Team, please contact Pastor AJ Blackwood at (aj@uujmca.org).

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