Action Center


In support of our JUUstice Initiatives we develop Campaigns aka opportunities for you involved throughout the year. Is there a campaign you would like to get involved with?

Let us know  (Click here)

Types of Campaigns

  • Information Dissemination & Education
  • Letters & Phone Calls
  • Town Halls & Community Organizing
  • Actions, Rallies & Protests
  • Fundraising & Partner Support
  • And more …


Is there a piece of legislation you are concerned about?

Let us know! (Click here)

Legislation Tracking System: (Coming in July 2022). We are currently putting together the final touches on an interactive legislation tracking system. This system will track legislation that affects the lives of those in the State of California, on the federal, state, and local levels. Included in the system will be:

  • Justice Initiative Area (for example: Abolition, Environmental Justice, Racism, Women’s Rights etc)
  • Title, and Description
  • Sponsors of the legislation
  • Status of legislation
  • Ways to get involved

In Your Area

Making change starts at home!

At UUJMCA, we are concerned about you and your community, therefore we are making a commitment to support your Justice work. Do you have a local justice concern that you would like UUJMCA to support?

Let us know! (Click here)

Ideas for Justice related things to let us know:

  • Calendar Items: congregational justice activities, civic events, presentations, actions, community forums etc.
  • Community Justice Concerns: police reform, homeless services, transphobic school board, anti-asian racism etc
  • Legislation: Is there a new city/county/other ordinance being proposed that needs to be supported or opposed?

Kudos and stories: Do you have a win/concern you would like us to share? Is there someone in your community who did some exceptional justice work? Does your congregation need some support with a justice project?

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