SUUperhero Summer

ALL Middle and High School Youth are Welcome!

Registration Coming Soon!

Summer 2023

Beginning in Mid June, you are invited to gather 3-4 of your besties for a weekend to develop your own Justice League, Avengers Team, X-Men Class or other JUUstice cohort. During this weekend together, we gather virtually with all the other JUUstice cohorts to get to know each other, figure out your JUUstice Team’s superpowers, and determine how you can use your superpowers for good. 

Over the rest of the summer, we will be gathering virtually and/or with your JUUstice Team of besties to use your powers for good. There will be a variety of activities to participate ranging from movie night(s), scavenger hunt(s), community service activities, day(s) at the beach, and maybe even General Assembly in Oregon, and Youth Camp in Washington or Wyoming with UU Youth from across the Pacific Western Region.

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