Team Arc Benders

All High School Youth are Welcome!

Are you committed to making a change in the world? Want to get involved in a justice ministry that shares our UU values of inclusion for all people and care of our planet? Are you a leader in your community (want to be)?

If you answered “YES” to any of these then we have a place for you on the UUJMCA Youth Advisory Team.

What is the Youth Advisory Team?

Meeting once a month, this is a team of youth from across California that will help design, craft, create, and lead UUJMCA’s justice ministry for California UU Youth. Additionally the team will meet quarterly with the UUJMCA Directors and Board of Trustees to help set priorities for UUJMCA as a whole.

This is an opportunity for you to learn more about justice activities in California, make change in your local community, get to meet other UU leaders, and help lead UUJMCA into the future.

Our First Team will be forming in March and go until August and then our next team will Start in September and go until June 2023.

What are the Prerequisites?

  • Be in High School or age equivalent
  • Attend or belong to a UU Community or Congregation in California
  • Want to make change and create justice in the world
  • Be willing to volunteer a few hours month
  • Be a team player
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