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“Baby Roe” speaks out

SCOTUS could release the ruling that will overturn “Roe v. Wade” any day now. The “draft opinion” by Justice Alito was leaked to Politico in early May. The country has already started to react to what may come. Many of us are bracing ourselves, and hoping …. This hope reminds me of the hope I held onto while the election […]


Written by for “History.Com” by BRYNN HOLLANDORIGINAL: MAR 8, 2021UPDATE: APR 1, 202 Click here or on the image above to read the article. 14TH AMENDMENT DISCUSSION STARTER: THE WOMEN OF RECONSTRUCTION The Equal Rights Amendment: What You Need To Know

UU Congregations: Sign Up for Information on the UU Sanctuary Movement

UU Congregations: Sign Up for Information on the UU Sanctuary Movement

Please sign up to get more information regarding the New Sanctuary Movement and how your congregation can be a part of it. There will also be a workshop on the New Sanctuary Movement at Walking the Walk, November 14-16. Click here to sign-up for more information on the New Sanctuary Movement and get involved as a UU or UU congregation.

Congregational Discernment and Engagement Program

While each congregation’s needs differ, we have identified key components that are critical based on congregations with healthy and effective justice ministries. We believe these steps will help congregations identify healthy, accountable social justice ministries which can be integrated into congregational life as well as a preliminary plan to begin to build such ministries. The main components of the program […]

Worship Resources

  Beatitudes for Justice Builders (32K PDF) by the Rev. Lindi Ramsden.   There is no power greater than a community discovering what it cares about. (6K PDF) Ask “What’s possible?” not “What’s wrong?” Keep asking… From “Turning Toward One Another” by Margaret J Wheatley