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Virtual Learning Lab (Coming in July 2022)

Welcome to the UUJMCA Virtual Learning Lab (powered by Google Classroom.)

Our Virtual Learning Lab will be a place for you to connect to UUJMCA resources for our workshops, activities and programming. Once you register for any of the above you will be sent login information to access the appropriate Google Classroom. 

To view and access all your classroom spaces click here and login using the google/gmail account you have provided to UUJMCA at the time of Registration. 

* Requirements: Google / Gmail Account

Immersion Opportunities

Pilgrimages to the Border

This powerful, three-day immersion in Tijuana will leave you changed forever. Join UUs on a justice journey to the U.S.-Mexico border.

  • Meet community members and leaders in Tijuana directly impacted by our broken immigration system;
  • Explore how immigration connects to our shared faith; and
  • Discover opportunities to ‘take it home’. 

* Due to COVID-19 and to protect the health & safety of our partner communities in Tijuana and trip participants, we are hosting this opportunity virtually.

SALT Internship

The internship will provide the intern with hands on experience and learning in the areas of Justice Ministry, Faith Based Community Organizing, and Nonprofit Management among other leadership development skills.

The Program will have two tracks:

  • Young Adults – For any Young Adult (18-35) who is interested in engaging in justice ministry in a deeper way.
  • Professional – For seminarians, ministerial students  and other religious professionals who are interested in justice ministry continuing education.

Community Learning

Turning the Tides: JUUstice Summit

We will be gathering online for a weekend of workshops, actions, and gatherings to connect, collaborate, and create collective liberation!

Justice-seeking UUs of all ages are invited to attend this weekend of webinars, workshops, worships, and justice collectives. 

We will: 

  • Deepen our understanding of UU theologies and the call to transform our world in love;
  • Nourish our spirits with spiritual practices for resilience & hope;
  • Develop communities of support for city, county, and statewide mobilization and action;
  • Connect and share strategies to engage climate, immigrant, healthcare, economic justice, and more; and
  • Learn and practice creating spaces that honor youth and young adult leadership in the work of collective liberation.

Discernment & Engagement Process

With the new COVID-19 world that we live in we have realized that justice ministry is more difficult to engage. We recognize that justice ministries have changed in many of our congregations. Some have just completely stopped.

We are here to help!

We are here to assist you with a multi session process in transitioning your justice ministry to meet the needs of your community in 2022 and beyond. 

Together we can:

  • Reset our justice activities in our UU values;
  • Identify goals, strategies, and processes;
  • Assess community (local) needs
  • Assess congregational resources, strengths and growing edges;
  • Modernize engagement that provides more opportunities in a COVID-19 world;
  • Engage with community local partner; and
  • Develop best practices for increased participation and justice services growth

JUUstice Workshops

We offer our JUUstice Workshops in statewide, area, cluster gatherings, and individual communities / congregations on a variety of topics. We aim to assist you in developing, growing and transforming your justice ministries.

Some of the topics we cover are:

  • Deepening our faith-rooted work for justice;
  • Community organizing strategies;
  • Developing local partnerships; 
  • Education on specific UUJMCA justice initiatives;
  • Understanding Intersectionality; and
  • How to develop a justice campaign.

Presenters & Speakers

Do you have a need for a presenter for a justice meeting at your congregation or for a Sunday speaker on a particular justice topic, initiative, or issue.

We are here to help!

We have a diverse variety of speakers, presenters, and panelists for Sunday Services, 1 -2 hour meetings, and other presentations.

Each presentation will be tailored to your community / congregational goals and strategies.

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