“Building Homes, Creating Community” – House Build

Pilgrimage to the Border
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April 4-7, 2024

If you missed our Orientation & Information Gathering from last year, on January 28, 2023, please click the video below to see the highlights.

January 28, 2023 – Orientation & Information Gathering
Information Inquiry

We can send you more information about “Building Homes, Creating Community” and how you can support our efforts across the border.


Registration is free but please don’t hesitate to make financial contribution if you can. Youth and Adults are welcome to attend the Pilgrimage.

*Youth will need a chaperone during the Pilgrimage.

Financial Contributions

If you would like to make a Financial Contribution. We have established the following tier levels to let you know how you contribution will make a difference. If these tier levels do not work for you please don’t fret you can customize your contribution before checkout.

Not ready to make a financial contribution today?
Click “Make a Pledge” below and we will contact ASAP.

The cost of building a home in Cottage home in Tijuana ranges from $7500 to $8000 (USD). Please join us in making changing lives in this community. Become a UU Justice Contractor today with a minimum contribution of $1000.00 (USD).
It will take at least 25 people to change people’s lives and transform this community. Become a UU Justice Builder today with a contribution between $500.00 and $999.99 (USD).
Creating community is rooted in opportunity. Please join us in creating opportunity for a family and community just across our southern border. Become a UU Justice Apprentice today with a contribution between $250.00 and $499.99 (USD).
Working together, we will make a change in the lives of those around us. Become a UU Justice Carpenter II today with a contribution between $100.00 and $249.99 (USD).
Let it never be said that a small group of people or a small contribution can’t change the world. Please join us in changing our world. Become a UU Justice Carpenter I today with a contribution between $25.00 and $99.99 (USD).

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UU’s of San Luis Obispo


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