2022 Supporters & Donors

UUJMCA appreciates you!

Individuals and organizations listed below made financial gifts
as Justice Partners in the following levels

The following congregations have made a financial gift in 2022 to support UUJMCA’s organizing ministries with UU communities throughout California. THANK YOU to the following UU communities for helping to collaboratively strengthen our justice ministry and bring UU values more powerfully to the public square.


Chalice UU Fellowship of the Conejo Valley
Live Oak UU Congregation of Goleta
Mt Diablo UU Church
Orange Coast UU Church
UU Church of Davis


Barbara & Charles D.


Melissa A.
Jay A.
Sue B.
Marlene B.
Celia B.
Lucy B.
Steve B.
Amy C. (Pilgrimage)
Mark C. (Pilgrimage)
Terra C.
Maribel D.
Ann D.
Thomas & Lisa D.
Mary Hellen D.
Fidelity Charitable
Ferris N.
Sandra G.
Meredith G.
Julia H.
Rayna H.
Lorella H.
Kenneth H.
Janet Ja.
Janet Je.
Virginia J.
Corinne J.
Joanie J.
Janet K. (Pilgrimage)
MaryLu K.
Margaret K.

VirginIa K.
Louise & Eric K.
Ruth K.
Janet L.
Louise L.
Frey L.
Cassandra L.
Linda M.
Liora M.
Judy M. (Pilgrimage)
Pete M.
Mibs M.
Douglas M.
Pat M.
Laura M.
Constance M.
Lynne N.
Marina O.
Linda O.
Dale O.
Elizabeth O.
Kathleen O.
Frances P.
Bryan P.
Arlen R.
Marilyn S.
Kathy S.
Maddie S. (Pilgrimage)
Gaylord S.
Barbara S.

Tina S.
Leslie T.
Charles T. (Pilgrimage)
UU Fellowship of Laguna Beach
Unitarian Society of Santa Barbara
Tiffany U.
Audrey V. (Pilgrimage)
Nancy W. (Pilgrimage)
Janet W.
James W.
Margaret W. (Pilgrimage)
Charles W.


Katie A.
LPL Financial
Vanguard Charitable
Jan G.
Linda H.
Eric I.
Rick M. & Paul B.
Pacific Central District
PSWD Pacific Southwest District
Lindi R.
Betty & Tom S.
Karen S.
UUAUU Church of Davis
Karen U.
Sharon W.


Robert B.
Mary F.
Eva G.
Sharon H.
Michanne H. (Pilgrimage)
Alyson J.
Roger J.
Sandra K.
Janyce M.
Jenny R.
Karen S.
UU Church of Palo  Alto
UU Congregation in Fullerton
Lisa Y.


Erica H.
April H.
Richard H.
Constance L. (pilgrimage)
Floyd & Mary M.
Jeff N.
Ron & Carlena W.

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