Detention Center Visitation Programs in Full Swing

Visit an Immigrant Detainee: End Isolation

With the guidance of our partner, CIVIC, UUs are actively organizing and supporting interfaith detention visitation programs in San Diego, Orange County, Adelanto, Richmond, & Sacramento.  Email us to arrange for a presentation to your congregation or to call to a UU who can help you get started.

Detention Center Visitation Resources:

Links to Organizations that Work on Water Justice

Environmental Justice Coalition for Water The Environmental Justice Coalition for Water’s (EJCW’s) mission is to educate, empower, and nurture a community-based coalition that will serve as a public voice and be an effective advocate of environmental justice issues in California water policy. EJCW recently issued “Thirsty for Justice: A People’s…

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Can my Congregation Really be Involved in the Democratic Process?

  Legal Guidelines for Religious Involvement in the Political Process Can candidates for election speak from your pulpit? Can your congregation take a position and/or organize around a ballot proposition that involves issues that are important to your community? The following publications offer information to guide congregations as they seek…

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