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Services and Programs

UUJMCA offers a number of Services for UU communities and congregations as well as other California grassroots justice organizations.

To learn more about becoming a Covenanting Community, click here.

While each congregation’s needs differ, we have identified key components that are critical based on congregations with healthy and effective justice ministries. We believe these steps will help congregations identify healthy, accountable social justice ministries which can be integrated into congregational life as well as a preliminary plan to begin to build such ministries. This is a three-session process that will be customized for each community/congregation over a three month span to allow your community to deeply engage the process.
Cost: $1500 (Covenanting Community - Included Annually)
Are you having an event and would like to have keynote speaker or panel of speakers on a specific justice concern? We have a collective of speakers that can help.
Cost: $330 (Covenanting Community - $200)
Would you like to learn more about UUJMCA and creating a justice ministry or have a conversation about a specific justice concern? We can create a spiritually engaging, thought provoking Sunday Experience for your community/congregation that will motivate your community to act.
Cost: $385 (One Service) / $600 (Two Services) (Covenanting Community - Included Annually)
To request a Sunday Service date, click here
We are happy to come together with your local collective of UU community congregations for presentations. Let us know if you have a regular meeting or if you would you like us to organize a meeting for you.
Cost: Free for Regular Meetings / $400 / hour (Covenanting Community - Free / $100 / hour)
We offer a variety of educational and training opportunities for your leadership and justice teams as well as for your entire community membership. The following is a short list of possible topics. Please reach out if you have other needs.
  • How to start an interfaith justice network
  • How to make a public statement at civic events (school board, city/county meetings etc...)
  • How to build consensus about justice projects
  • Developing and Understanding Progressive Stack and prioritizing historically marginalized voices
  • Understanding the difference between appreciation and appropriation

  • Cost: $165 / hour (Covenanting Community - $100 /hour)