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Our Campaigns

UUJMCA is dedicated to bringing justice to those around us. As Unitarian Universalists, we covenant to bring justice to all of creation; people, animals, plants, and our planet.

Our Commitment to You

We are committed to accomplish our justice ministry through education, community organizing, and advocating for justice. All of our justice campaigns are shaped by and rooted in your feedback and viewed through a lens that address Racial Justice, Economic Justice, and Disability Rights . We are here to support YOU, our California UUs in your journey toward justice in your local community. If you are interested in finding out how we can journey  together in any of these areas of justice or if you are looking for support in any other areas of justice,  please let us know!


While we have identified four specific Justice Campaigns below, we recognize that no area of justice or work of justice exists in isolation. For example, we see the intersection of Environmental Justice and Economic Justice, acknowledging that those of our community who are in lower income communities are most affected by negative environmental impact. Additionally, our siblings who are black, indigenous, and people of color are most deeply affected by assaults on Reproductive Rights, Queer (LGBTQ+) Rights, and Immigrant Rights. These are only two areas of intersectionality. As we move forward toward liberating justice for all people and care filled justice for our planet, we will be continuing our work in all these areas of justice with continuous review of areas of intersectionality. 

If you are interested in finding out how we can journey together in any of these ministerial areas or if you are looking for support in another ministerial area please let us know by completing our interest form below.

How Californians live and the laws of our state greatly affect our entire planet. We support respect for the worth and dignity of all creation, which calls upon us to support meaningful climate legislation.

To this end, we are working to deepen our efforts to promote environmental practices and policies supporting local and statewide efforts toward a Fossil Free California, and supporting UU congregations in their work which will lead to achieving and maintaining Green Sanctuary Accreditation from the UUA.

Riddled with oppression, our US immigration system is broken and designed to rip apart immigrant families and deny individuals their basic human rights including but not limited to health care, employment, food and housing.

To this end, we struggle alongside our immigrant neighbors in efforts to change US immigration policies increasing asylum access, support migrants at our southern border, remove barriers to citizenship, and increase access to services to our undocumented siblings.

We support all people in their journey to peace and fullness of life by celebrating every individuals self worth wherever they are on the spectrum of sexuality, sexual orientation , and gender identity.

To this end, we celebrate every person in their sexual and gender expression and all committed, consensual relationships We are committed to full inclusion of all adults in the sacramental and civic right of marriage.

An entire class of our siblings including women, non-binary, and transgender men, among others, are often set to the margins in our community due to patriarchal family structures, economic injustice, and a lack of education.

To this end, we commit ourselves to reproductive health education and support an individual’s right to make informed decisions regarding their body in all aspects of their life.