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“Building Homes, Creating Community”

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2024 Pilgrimage to the Border (April 4-7)


In partnership with Casas de Luz & UU Refugee & Immigrant Services and Education (UURISE), we are excited to commemorate another successful House Build project for UUs and UU-aligned individuals interested in engaging with the realities of immigration at the California border.

During our visit in early April, 2024, we worked together to make real impact for one family in an emerging community just south of our California border in Tijuana.

This year, we built a home for “Carmen, a single mother, works at a gas station. She is the only support for her children and she cannot build since she pays rent and monthly payments for her land and it is not enough. She has no family in Tijuana and her children’s father does not assist with expenses.”

Watch our Orientation Video below to learn more about how to prepare and what to expect at future events. Please note, this video was originally created for the 2023 House Build project, but the content remains relevant for future House Build projects.

General Information from April 2024

We will caravan from San Diego to Tijuana on Thursday afternoon to setup our accommodations. We will be staying at Casa Hogar La Gloria, a local orphanage, where we will be provided dinner and breakfast each day. From Casa Hogar La Gloria, we will make our way back and forth from the home build site and Border Church at Friendship Park.


Registration is free but please don’t hesitate to make financial contribution if you can. Youth and Adults are welcome to attend the Pilgrimage.

*Youth will need a chaperone during the Pilgrimage.

Financial Contributions

If you would like to make a Financial Contribution. We have established the following tier levels to let you know how you contribution will make a difference. If these tier levels do not work for you please don’t fret you can customize your contribution before checkout.