Clusters & Collectives

Online Connections, Community, and Collaboration with California UUs!

As we continue to navigate the challenges & opportunities that come with our predominantly virtual forms of community, finding sustainable and accessible ways to connect is crucial to putting our faith in action.

And even when we cannot be in physical community together, we know that our work for justice is stronger when we combine our efforts, share our resources, support one another’s burdens, and celebrate one another’s victories in move the moral arc of the universe with love. 

2021 California JUUstice Collectives

Get connected with UUs and UU-aligned justice makers in California who are working to manifest justice! UUJMCA is excited to introduce a new set of California JUUstice Collectives, where justice makers can join online spaces to share updates, resources, & events, as well as ask questions of others working on similar justice issues. Find new collaborators, share opportunities for action and education, and create justice together in California.

Sign up to join one or more of the following JUUstice Collectives and start building relationships today!

Regional Cluster Calls

In the age of virtual & online organizing, we have a great opportunity to connect with our sibling UUs to collaborate on shared forms of justice-making. Whether it’s inviting one another to programs, coordinating on county or statewide efforts, or sharing resources & partnership connections, our organizing for justice no longer can or needs to stay within our congregational walls.

On Saturday, August 29, UUJMCA hosted a series of introductory cluster calls during “Turning the Tides,” where attendees connected with others in their greater region, and potentially break out into smaller groups should numbers allow. Future calls will be scheduled & held based on expressed interest – email to let us know you want to be part of upcoming cluster calls, and if you’d be interested in being an occasional co-facilitator for your region/cluster!

Find your Justice ClUUster Here!

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