March Justice Collectives for California UUs

Join UUs around California for our March Justice Collectives calls – you don’t need to have been part of previous calls to join us this or any month! Whether you are new to the work, are a veteran organizer in your city, or are looking to find UUs to support a local or statewide campaign, this collective is a place for you to make that happen! March’s collectives are meeting the following days/times:

  1. Climate Justice Collective: Wednesday, March 24 @ 5pm Pacific (sign up here)
  2. Immigrant Justice Collective: Wednesday, March 24 @ 7pm Pacific (sign up here)
  3. Racial Justice & Abolition Collective: Thursday, March 25 @ 5pm Pacific (sign up here)
  4. Economic Justice Collective: Thursday, March 25 @ 7pm Pacific (sign up here)

This and future gatherings will feature reports/updates from key California-based grassroots climate, economic, racial, and immigrant justice groups & leaders, as well as updates on statewide campaigns with UUJMCA for congregations/congregational leaders.

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