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Turning the Tides Summit

Summer Justice Leadership Summit

The UU Justice Ministry of California is proud to present our annual Intergenerational Justice Summit, “Turning the Tides.” We will be gathering online for a series of workshops, actions, and gatherings to connect, collaborate, and create collective liberation!

This summer event is the largest of its kind, drawing Unitarian Universalists of all ages from across California as a space for you, your congregation, and your community. Come for empowering connections, spiritual nourishment, and collaboratively-shaped programming that strengthens our work for collective liberation.

We will …

  • Deepen our understanding of UU theologies and the call to transform our world in love;
  • Nourish our spirits with spiritual practices for resilience & hope;
  • Develop communities of support for city, county, and statewide mobilization as part of the 2020 UU the Vote movement;
  • Learn and share strategies to engage climate, immigrant, healthcare, and economic justice;
  • Learn and practice creating spaces that honor youth and young adult leadership in the work of collective liberation; and