Become a Justice Partner

Your generous contribution makes our ministry toward justice possible:

Arc Benders Youth Justice Ministry
SALT Internships for Young Adults and continuing education
On-Demand Learning Labs
Promoting and educating UUs about current Justice Legislation
Developing partnership with local communities, and organizers
Building relationships with legislators

Our JUUstice partnership donor program is creating the base of support in our struggle for justice in California. Throughout the year partners have the opportunity to connect with one another and engage with UUJMCA.

Your support matters! With the support and commitment of our partners, UUJMCA will continue to advance human, civil and environmental rights in California by becoming a UUJMCA Poppy Partner.

UUJMCA is able to continue making strides for human rights, taking on policies and systems threatening our world’s most vulnerable citizens.

Please join us by make monthly or one-time contributions that create the base of support in our struggle for a more just California. Throughout the year partners have the opportunity to connect with one another and the work of UU Justice Ministry of California with local and statewide events and regular updates.

Become a Justice Partner Today!

Arc Benders: Open to all youth (age 13 to 18) in California and beyond who are interested in justice and serving the marginalized in our communities as well as protecting our planet. (Starting at $25)*

As a Poppy Partner your partnership is the backbone of the UUJMCA and supports our work  to effect real change in California through resource development and access for youth to programming. (Range from $50 to $499)

As a Justice Leader your partnership is essential to the life of UUJMCAs leadership development programs and will enable us to engage our youth and young adults with leadership education and opportunities that will continue to effect change for years to come. (Range from $500 to $999)

As an Innovator your partnership ensures that UUJMCA is able to reach beyond UU circles to engage our local elected leaders and government officials in a way that will effect change for the future. (Range from $1000 to $4999)

As a Trailblazer your partnership will enable UUJMCA to vision into the future with new opportunities, tools, and technology that will enable us to grow, plan, strategize and create justice in the future supporting youth leadership in California. (from $5000)

* No Youth will be turned away based on finances.

Benefits of Partnership

Annual Report
plus Justice
Awards Banquet
plus other
Virtual Learning LabXXXX
Invitation to
Special Partner
Annual Justice
Awards Banquet
Discount2 for 12 TicketsTable &
Private Reception
**Arc Benders receive all the same benefits as Poppy Partnerships
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