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TAKE ACTION – August 5, 2022

Alliance for Gun Responsibility – Ban Assault RiflesResearch shows that a shooter armed with an assault rifle is able to hurt and kill TWICE the number of people as a shooter armed with a handgun or non-assault rifle. We banned assault rifles before and we can do it again. URGE YOUR REPRESENTATIVES TO PASS FEDERAL ASSAULT WEAPONS ACLU Southern California“For decades, […]

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At UUJMCA, we are committed to accomplish our justice ministry through education, community organizing, and advocating for justice. Our justice initiatives are shaped by and rooted in your feedback. We are here to support you, our California UUs, in your journey toward justice in your local community. If you are interested in finding out how we can journey together in […]

US-Mexico Border Fact-Finding Panel

US-Mexico Border Fact-Finding Panel

U.S.-Mexico Border Fact-Finding PanelSponsored by El Tribuno del Pueblo / People’s Tribune, Sept 17Third of a series engaging People-to-People Fact-Finding These presentations are designed to allow community members, workers, legal advocates, migrants and others to share information about how immigration and border policies affect the rights and way of life of the people involved. The series of panel discussions continues […]