Annual UUJMCA Border Pilgrimage Events

“Building Homes, Creating Community”
House Build Project
April 4-7, 2024

UUJMCA has another Pilgrimage Experience event planned for 2024. The first took place in Spring of 2023. Several Unitarian Universalists travelled to Tijuana to build a small home for a family in an emerging community.

“No Borders, No Walls”
Community Organizing Event
October 18-21, 2024

UUJMCA will be engaging with local community leaders to learn about the plight of people at our southern border and how we can provide support. Participants will meet with community organizers in Tijuana, share in faith development around immigration, and learn what we can do as social justice makers and faith activists from our homes in California.

Join UUJMCA for an immersion, filled with learning, service, reflection, and fellowship. It is a great way to live into your UU values along with others who are working for an immigration policy rooted in collective liberation.

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