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Congregation Based Community Organizing…

From the UUA Website Congregation Based Community Organizing (also called Faith-Based or Broad-Based) is a movement that seeks to establish inter-faith, cross class, multi-ethnic and multi-racial grassroots organizations for purposes of increasing social integration and power in civil society and for making civic, regional and state-wide changes for social improvement. By “civil society,” we mean the voluntary sector, including religious institutions. […]

Worship Resources

  Beatitudes for Justice Builders (32K PDF) by the Rev. Lindi Ramsden.   There is no power greater than a community discovering what it cares about. (6K PDF) Ask “What’s possible?” not “What’s wrong?” Keep asking… From “Turning Toward One Another” by Margaret J Wheatley

Justice Resources Available

  Congregational Based Community Organizing Suggested Reading California Interfaith Coalitions More Resources Welcome to the rapidly-developing collection of Justice Resources for UULMCA.

Can my Congregation Really be Involved in the Democratic Process?

  Legal Guidelines for Religious Involvement in the Political Process Can candidates for election speak from your pulpit? Can your congregation take a position and/or organize around a ballot proposition that involves issues that are important to your community? The following publications offer information to guide congregations as they seek to engage their congregations in the democratic process, advocate effectively […]