Wages Measure How We Honor Human Dignity and the Dignity of Work

The November 2015 webinar on Low Wages and Costly Housing presented by the Economic Justice team outlined innovative ideas for housing plus the current state of wages and inequality. Below are suggested actions for two current wage efforts.  Download the PowerPoint! Dignity at Work-The Moral Imperative of a Living Wage.

walmartSUPPORT WALMART WORKERS–www.makingchangeatwalmart.org
• Sign a letter supporting the campaign
• Visit one of the actions at your local Walmart
• Put an article in your church’s newsletter about the experience
• Invite a Walmart worker to speak at your church
• Lift up the struggles of Walmart workers living in poverty during your congregation’s Joys and Sorrows

California SB935 (Leno): Calls for $13.00/hour by 2017 And indexed to inflation in 2018. It passed the Senate this year, but failed in an Assembly committee, with a couple of key Democrats not voting. It will be reintroduced next year.

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